Wedding Videography Service

Video Service- The service will include videotaping of the ceremony and the main events at
the reception (shot list to be discussed at later date)
  • Up to 2 all digital 3CCD cameras at the Ceremony
  • Camera lighting & wireless lavaliere microphone
  • Up to 8 hours of time at events
  • 1 edited DVD with interactive DVD menu, Music and special effects may be added where
  • 1 un-edited video
  • 1-vinyl case that will hold both DVD’s (pictured below)
  • Estimated length of final cut video 40-50 minutes
  • A picture* montage will be at the beginning and a video montage will be at the end of the edited
    video. (* pictures are to be provided by the customer prior to the wedding date. Pictures can be
    in the form of photos, jpegs, or 35mm slides, pictures may be emailed to DVS)

ADD on Features- These are features that we offer at an additional charge, these features are in
addition to the video service you are already receiving and they are not included in the above price.

The receiving line and dollar dance portions if selected will be in the un-edited DVD only, we can
explain why. Guest interviews if selected will be in both the edited and un-edited DVD’s.

  • Receiving Line at Church
  • Dollar Dance at Reception    
  • Guest Interviews at Reception

Thank You DVDs

The Thank You DVD is an alternative to your traditional “Thank-You” card. The “Thank-You DVD” can be sent to
bridal party members and all guests, on occasion. “Thank-You DVDs” are packaged in quantities of 10 for $150.

The DVDs open with a thank you, then includes a recap video montage, and closes with a list of the members in the
bridal party. DVD labels are customized to each customer and will include the bride and grooms name along with the
wedding date. DVDs are inserted then into a paper sleeve then mailed by you.

Slides on CD or DVD
We take your 35mm slides and scan them into our system
You choose what format you like

Slides on CD
  • Slides are scanned to jpeg format and stored on CD-R
  • Includes plastic case and custom label on CD
  • Use this feature to print pictures of your slides

Slides on DVD
  • Slides are scanned to jpeg format and edited on DVD-R
  • Includes plastic case and custom label on DVD
  • Watch the DVD on your television or computer
  • Images are 5 seconds long each
  • Fast forward and rewind using your DVD remote

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